Celebrating Seasons of Advent and Lent DVD

Celebrating Seasons of Advent and Lent DVD

Advent: Celebrating the Season (Grades 3-8, 15 min.) The season of Advent begins a new Church year. During the preparation time of Advent, we are invited to change and grow more like Jesus. During these four weeks, we prepare for Jesus' coming in our daily lives as we wait together for the fullness of light to come into our world at Christmas. The custom of the Advent wreath is the focus of this video. In the light of the Advent wreath, we remember, live and hope for the one who has already come. We warm our hearts to live justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God. The simple Advent wreath tells the story of a people yesterday and today who yearn for more light in their life. This program also includes other Advent activities and traditions such as the Jesse Tree, an Advent Friend, Straw for a Crib and an Advent House to help young people appreciate the spiritual dimension of the Advent and Christmas season.

Lent: Celebrating the Season (Grades 3-8, 18 min.) We begin our journey through the season of Lent by being marked with ashes in the Sign of the Cross on our forehead with these words: "Keep Lent and turn to God with all your heart." This video explores customs, traditions, prayers and ways we can keep Lent as we walk together on the path to Jerusalem, preparing for the new life of Easter. During these 40 days, we pray, we fast, we do good works, we remember. We are invited to deepen our understanding of Lent as a time to turn to God and to look at the way Jesus lived his life. This program challenges us to speak of Jesus in our lives today. As we choose ways to become more like Jesus, we continue our walk with others through these days of Lent, the events of Holy Week into the Easter Resurrection.


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