Grandma's Bread :A Eucharist Film  DVD

Grandma's Bread :A Eucharist Film DVD

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A classic story designed to teach important truths about the Eucharist, intergenerational relationships, death and the importance of tradition on our lives. Mario is seven years old. His grandmother, who lives with the family, is his special friend. A few days before Easter, Mario helps Nonna prepare a complicated recipe from the old country called Pane de Pasqua (Easter bread). Mario asks her to make this wonderful bread for his First Communion the following month. Nonna dies unexpectedly. As Mario's First Communion approaches, he misses her terribly and is especially sad that she and her special Pane de Pasque won't be part of his family celebration. Realizing how much this means to Mario, his mother learns how to make the special bread for the special day. On the day of Mario's First Communion, the family celebration is complete when Mario's mother brings in the wonderful Easter bread. We hear Nonna's words echoed among them: "We are a family!" This single DVD includes both the English-language version and the Spanish-language version of this program. Viewing time: 18 minutes in each language.

product code: 978-1-61636-607-0