Binkle's time To Fly

Binkle's time To Fly

Binkle can’t wait until he turns from caterpillar to butterfly. He’ll finally have strong, beautiful wings to take him high into the sky! But when the day comes, something is terribly wrong. Why are Binkle’s wings so wispy and weak? How will he ever fly like the other butterflies if his wings are nothing like theirs?

Yet with some help and creativity, maybe there’s more than one way to fly . . .

As this charming, gorgeously illustrated story reminds us, life can present us with unwelcome challenges, but inventive alternatives and the support of others can make all the difference.


Author:  Sharmila Collins & Carolina Rabei
Format: Hardcover
Pages:     32
Ages:       4 - 7
Size:        9.75" x 11" x .5" Inches


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