15 Days of Prayer With Saint Augustine

15 Days of Prayer With Saint Augustine

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Saint Augustine stressed that Christianity was not something external and visible, found in obedience to laws, but a matter of spirit, something inside people. He also said that the Church has room for both sinners and saints, for the imperfections of those in whom God’s grace is still at work.

Taking this 15 day journey with Augustine allows us to see his own evolution in prayer, his own teachings on the centrality of Trinitarian love in our own relationships, and his own sense of inadequacy in expressing the experience of God. And Jaime García’s suggestions for deepening prayer and deepening love bring a renewed sense of what it means that God is our father – and that by looking less at ourselves and more at God-who-is-love, we can begin again to purify the eyes of our heart and welcome Him now so as to be with Him forever.

Author: Jaime Garcia; Translation by Victoria Hebert & Denis Sabourin

Format: Paperback

Pages: 169

ISBN: 9781565484894