A Child's First Penance DVD

A Child's First Penance DVD

Joyful Reconciliation

In A Child’s First Penance: Joyful Reconciliation, Fr. Jim Deiters introduces the sacrament by explaining how and why we celebrate the Rite of Reconciliation.

First penitents will listen in as Fr. Jim talks with students about sin, true repentance, and God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. As they learn about sin, they’ll discover how their sins affect others and changes their relationship with God. They’ll explore the prayers, rituals, and gestures of the rite—and learn why the scarament of reconciliation is a time for repentance, healing, and joy. Parents will learn how the rite has changed over the years and recognize their essential role in teaching and modeling the faith for their children.

This DVD offers several additional segments, including material that engages adults...

    • An explanation of the sacrament and how the rite has changed over the years, as well as the parents' role in teaching and modeling the faith
    • A message from Lisa Hendey, founder of, who talks about her First Penance and how feelings of fear were swept away by God's love outpoured in the Rite of Reconciliation
    • A bonus feature, with footage from the companion DVD, A Child's First Communion and So Much More!, and from Feeding Hungry Hearts
    • Ideal for Sacrament Prep classes

A Child's First Penance will instruct and inspire your First Penitents and their parents—drawing them closer to Christ and the Church where they find forgiveness and reconciliation.

40 minutes