A Walk in Jesse's Shoes (A Story About Empathy)

A Walk in Jesse's Shoes (A Story About Empathy)

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What does it mean to walk a mile in someone’s shoes? In A Walk in Jesse’s Shoes, Marco, a young boy, learns what that means first hand through a classroom activity about empathy. He learns more than he bargained for about one of his classmates, Jesse, and so do the readers.

A Walk in Jesse’s Shoes promises to be a tale that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike, as readers are inspired to learn a valuable lesson about kindness and compassion by taking a step outside of themselves to see the world through another’s point of view.

This is a great story that can be used to teach children what empathy means in a clear and concise way.

Written by Paola Cornacchia-D'Agostino

Paola is currently a Catholic school teacher with the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board


32 Pages

ISBN: 9780995076211