Be Blessed Experiencing the Joy of the Beatitudes

Be Blessed Experiencing the Joy of the Beatitudes

If the Sermon on the Mount is the crown of Christ's teachings, then the Beatitudes are the crown jewels. These eight powerful statements of blessing form a nucleus that is at the heart of the entire Catholic Faith. The Beatitudes are an invitation for Catholics to a deeper relationship with Christ and a loving relationship with others. They reveal the calling of every Christian and provide a blueprint for fulfillment and a lasting happiness that only God can provide. In Be Blessed, Thomas Smith unpacks the richness of these teachings of Christ in a way that is practical, compelling, and transformative.

  • Experience an intimate encounter with Jesus through the Beatitudes, which draw you closer to him.
  • Discover God's plan for humanity and his desire for our salvation.
  • See how the Beatitudes are connected in beautiful ways to the spiritual and sacramental life of the Church.
  • Learn how the Beatitudes provide a pathway for discipleship, happiness, and eternal life.
  • Find a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in life, a purpose guided by the wisdom of the Eternal Son of God.


Author:  Thomas Smith
Format: Paperback
Size:       5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches