Catching Fire, Becoming Flame - DVD

Catching Fire, Becoming Flame - DVD

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Ever wonder how some people become enthusiastic and on fire about their relationship with God? In this six-session video presentation, Father Albert Haase gives you the tools and kindling to prepare for the spark of God in your life—and then shows you how to fan it into flame until you are set ablaze. His teaching glows with time-tested wisdom as an experienced spiritual director shares the secrets of the saints. With supplemental reading suggestions and reflection questions, this eminently practical video functions like a personal, spiritual retreat.

There are six 30 minute segments on the DVD, which includes a discussion guide:
1. Spiritual Journey as a process of transformation
2. Your Image of God
3. The examen
4. The 7 principles of prayer
5. The Challenge of Forgiveness
6. God's will

product code: 978-1-61261-2959