Catholic Education: Ensuring a Future

Catholic Education: Ensuring a Future

When it first appeared in 1999, Catholic Education: The Future is Nowrapidly became the seminal book for anyone involved in Catholic education in Canada. It was the first widely read book to explore the shifting ground of provincial politics and ever increasing social transformation in relation to the Catholic educational tradition.  

The ground continues to shift and society seems to be transforming exponentially. James Mulligan significantly updates his original work and adds much new insight based on recent data gathered from across Canada. He presents a very realistic picture of the actual state and the possible potential of public Catholic education in Canada.  

In Catholic Education: Ensuring a Future, Mulligan is convinced that every Catholic education constituency - parents and teachers, principals and superintendents, directors and trustees, parish priests and bishops - must own ever greater responsibility and collaboration so that Catholic schools remain vibrant faith communities, offering students an authentic alternative to secular education.

Public Catholic education is an enduring gift and a great blessing. Yet it is a fragile gift that must not be taken for granted -it can be easily lost! James Mulligan's hope in Catholic Education: Ensuring a Future is for a compelling call to Catholic educational partners "to contemplate anew this pearl of great price."


336 pp.

Author: James Mulligan