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Catholic Prayer Book for the Separated and Divorced

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Divorce and separation are painful realities for many Catholics. 

It is a landscape that is often full of bitterness and betrayal, grief and loss, feelings of failure, aching concerns for children, pain of lost friendships, rancorous relationships with exes, and even the sense of abandonment by people at Church. 

It is a life event that does have a permanent effect. But as Pope Francis encourages us: "Never let the past determine your life … always look forward." 

Now, two fellow divorced Catholics share their heartfelt original prayers, personal prayers and reflections, favorite traditional prayers of the Church, and prayers for the intercession of saints for the separated and divorced. Catholic Prayer Book for the Separated and Divorced is full of brief prayers for real-life struggles and situations including:

  • Anger, depression, and isolation
  • Coping with the effects on children - your own, as well as stepchildren
  • Grappling with less-than-peaceful interactions with former spouses
  • Plus -- How to forgive yourself, find closure, and let go

 For yourself, an adult child, a friend, or someone in your parish -- these simple prayers can help the separated and divorced find comfort, courage, and the conviction to move ahead confidently with the grace that comes from their Catholic faith.


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Author: Woodeene Koenig-Bricker and David Dziena


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