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Catholic Update Guide to Marriage ( Catholic Update Series ) -

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More than simply a book about marriage, the "Catholic Update Guide to Marriage" addresses the sacramental aspect of the union between husband and wife. It touches on the long history of this sacrament within the Church, and helps readers understand the difference between a civil wedding and a sacramental marriage. The book is composed of three sections: What is the sacrament of marriage? Why the sacrament of marriage makes a difference; How to make the sacrament of marriage work. Each of these sections has practical advice and commentary interwoven with Church teaching, delivered in an easy to read and understand style. The "Catholic Update Guide to Marriage" is excellent for those preparing for marriage as well as those who work with couples in marriage preparation sessions. People who have been married for a while will find refreshment and reinforcement in this book, and it will be useful for general study classes on the sacraments.

Paperback. 53 pages.

Kendzia, Mary Carol (Editor)

SKU: 9781616360627

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