Chiara Lubich     Meditations

Chiara Lubich Meditations

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The most common experience when reading these Meditations is that they open up a dialogue with the Eternal, and a new logic, the heavenly way of reasoning, begins to filter deep inside us. We feel that we become better, and discover a yearning, almost a homesickness, for heaven. And that turns us to face our everyday life with renewed resolution. We wish to care for others in the most realistic and down-to-earth way possible. Indeed, we feel enabled to take part in the driving theme of the book, in fulfilling the prayer with which Jesus summed up his life-work, uttered to this Father the night before he died: “May they all be one” (John 17:21)

Author: Chiara Lubich

Pages:  128

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780904287936