Face Mask for Children (8-14 years old) - Layered and Washable

Face Mask for Children (8-14 years old) - Layered and Washable

3 layered face mask, anti bacterial coated and washable! 

Available in White only. All with an embroidered Cross/Shield in light Gold yarn. Use at home, in Church, schools, hospitals and anywhere children’s masks are required. 

Children’s Size - 8 Years to 13 years. Specially sized for the child’s face to fit in a comfortable manner.

Easy fit, stretchable fabric.

Outer layer – 100% Polyester, anti UV, water repellent.

Middle Layer – 100% Polyester- water repellent.

Inner Layer – 100% Cotton.

Snug fitting. Easy care. As with all protective masks, hand wash very often and line dry. Facial mask is non medical grade.

As recommended by health care professionals during these times, the wearing of masks may not prevent Covid-19 but acts as an additional measure to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please practice all issued guidelines plus physical distancing and frequent hand washing. 

We are together as one, and we hope you and your family stay safe. 


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