Children Discover the Mass

Children Discover the Mass

Children Discover the Mass is a book of lessons and cutout crafts that help primary grade children learn the parts of the Mass. It teaches children the roles of the priest, other liturgical ministers, and the community. Children Discover the Mass helps children to learn Mass responses as well as all of the other rituals and actions that take place at Mass. Each "lesson" includes background information for the adult, text for how to explain the lesson to children, questions for reviewing the lesson, and clear and concise directions as to how to complete the accompanying craft. The crafts may be cut out right from the book or reproduced for use with many children. In either form, the children will have display characters, mobiles, and other craft items that will help them to truly understand the movements of the liturgy. The crafts in Lesson 3, Preparing for Mass, provide a complete collection of Mass items for the sanctuary, altar, vessels, as well as priest, lectors, eucharistic minister, altar servers, and choir. 

This book is perfect for young children who are learning about the Mass, either prior to or after First Communion. The lesson pages provide directions for catechists, teachers, or parents who wish to teach the Mass either as part of an ongoing class or program, or as an individual unit or activity. In addition, Children Discover the Mass includes a 32-page missal, "My Mass Book," for the children to color and fold and take with them to Mass. Also in "My Mass Book" are the written responses to aid in the children's participation. The activities in Children Discover the Mass promote a sense of purpose and understanding for what we say and do during the celebration and for why we celebrate. Spiral bound for easy photocopying.

**limited number available**


128 pages