Confirmation: Stories of Discipleship DVD

Confirmation: Stories of Discipleship DVD

Moving On: Responding in the Spirit (20 min., all ages) Moving On is a multigenerational story that invites the viewer to consider the responsibility that our baptism gives us to respond in the spirit. It is the story of the choices that a family faces when they move into a new neighborhood. There they are challenged to respond to Christ's call to encounter him in a neighbor. Next door to the Martinez family lives K.C., a Vietnam veteran whose service has left him scarred with memories from the past, challenged to cope in the present and threatened with uncertainty in the future. The Martinez children, Sal and Annamarie, befriend K.C. and his dog, Chelsea. For the children's mother, Megan, their new neighbor stirs up her own feelings about the father she never knew, who died in Vietnam. K.C. shares the family's table and, when the bank moves to repossess his house, all members of the family are confronted by choices. They must decide how literally to take the gospel message of Jesus.

The Choice: Sacrament of Confirmation and La Opcion (20 min. each; junior high/adults) Kim is asked by her widowed father to finish her confirmation preparation before deciding for certain that she doesn't want to be confirmed. In the ensuing months, Kim is befriended by Christina, a young woman she grows to love and admire. Christina's lifestyle helps Kim to realize that service to others is more a blessing than a chore. Moving and authentic in their approach to teenage concerns, The Choice and La Opcion are ideal videos for confirmation preparation of young teens.

This video is also an excellent addition to any youth ministry program that touches on themes of service, responsibility, Christian identity, commitment, parent-teen conflict and peer-to-peer witness.


40 minutes

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