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Christ, “by Whom all things were made,” as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, is eternal and before time, but was manifest to us as a man just over 2,000 years ago.  Here, as that Second Person, He is by His will and blessing bringing forth the creation of the animal kingdom on earth as well as the fishes of the sea and the birds of the air.  It is an act of great love to bring forth something out of nothing, and animals naturally can turn to God, and then man in love when, as Adam of old, we are in a state of grace with the Image of God active and manifest in us.

When men and women become holy and blessed by entering this renewed innocence of heart and mind, they like Adam, have a wonderful affinity to all of the animals, including wild ones.  Such animals are often tame and loving to them, in some cases eating from these holy saints’ hands.  The Fall of Man terribly hurt all of creation, but when we are restored, then creation becomes healed around us, as it was when Jesus commanded the waves and wind to cease.   Only by renouncing our pride can humans help creation renew itself.  Let us seek actively to do this on this blessed path!

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