Dare to Dream: Stories of 16 People Who Became Somebody

Dare to Dream: Stories of 16 People Who Became Somebody

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Author: William O'Malley

There is no better way to be formed in good character than to learn by example. Dare to Dream tells the stories of sixteen people whose lives began as typical and average, but through their cooperation with God-given virtues, along with courage and perseverance, achieved a status that truly made them somebodies—that is, people to inspire others to reach their own full human potential.

Perfect as a supplement to high school theology courses or as a personal gift, Dare to Dream is an ideal source to elicit questions, spur action, and inspire teens, leading them to a clearer understanding of how God's virtue and grace builds from the routine of their lives to allow for lasting character and worth.

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160

16 Featured People:
Oprah Winfrey
Helen Keller
Anne Frank
Jim Henson
Eleanor Roosevelt
Cesar Chavez
Viktor Frankl
Florence Nightingale
Christopher Nolan
Lech Walesa
Clare Hale
Will Rogers


150 Pages

ISBN: 9781594712012