Essential Sermons

Essential Sermons

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The eleven volumes of Augustine's Sermons to the People, translated by Fr. Edmund Hill (1990-1997) in clear contemporary English, showcase Augustine the brilliant speaker and engaging preacher of the Word. They have proven an indispensable resource for contemporary scholars, who laud Hills expert translation and extensive notes. But professors have clamored for an affordable one-volume anthology designed for undergraduate, graduate, and seminary classes. From the Bishops finest preaching, Fr. Doyle has selected sermons that represent a wide range of subjects, including God, Christ, sin, grace, conversion, martyrdom, sacraments, marriage, wealth, poverty, Christmas, Easter, and living the Christian life. Students and preachers alike will discover Augustine's message as well as his medium: his masterful interpretation of the Word of God and his creative use of Ciceronian rhetoric to engage the people of God. Fr. Doyle has provided a concise introduction to Augustine's preaching and a convenient table of themes for easy consultation.

Author: St.Augustine; Introduction and notes by Daniel Doyle, O.S.A.;  Translation by Edmund Hill, O.P. 

Format: Paperback

Pages: 440

ISBN: 9781565482760