Gaia Stone

Gaia Stone

  • $2725

Her gently curved, meditative form features a labyrinth interior that can bring one back to purpose and intent during a busy day. During Advent and Lent she becomes a daily reminder to be aware, to listen, to prepare in stillness.

  • Gifts of the feminine: “Giving - Receiving - Enhancing – Loving – Unifying – Listening – Nourishing – Attuning – Companioning – Affirming – Caring – Connecting – Giving Life – Supporting – Healing – Gathering – Carrying – Including – Seeing the Whole – Partnering – Comforting – Freeing – Gentling – Peacemaking – Fixing – Sharing - Being With

The artist, Mary Southard, CSJ, says, “Be attuned to the present moment, to breathing, to the pulse of life within, to the Now. Trace her spiral center, inward and outward, reflecting on the Sacred Source unfolding the Universe even now, the Divine Pulse of Life which pulses in all life, connecting us all to the Whole.”

  • Dimensions: 3.5" H x 2,5: x 2.5"

product code: SC033N