Gifted by God

Gifted by God

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Gifted by God aims to prepare young people to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation by providing how-to-use tips for catechists in a variety of settings and time frames. It includes lesson plans that are easy to share with the diverse groups of candidates. Gifted by God is a contemporary guide for parish catechists who are preparing candidates for Confirmation and provides everything the catechist needs to deliver the program with ease and confidence. This program includes six sessions on living out a Christian life and the sacraments with an end-of-session retreat.

The Candidate's Book leads teens through the major principles of their faith and is specifically structured for the context of preparing for Confirmation through reading and reflection. This program will prepare candidates to commit personally to the promises of faith that were originally made for them at Baptism. This contemporary and full-colour journal also includes laminated cards that will reinforce what the student learned in the preceding session, as well as involve the whole family in the candidate’s immediate preparation. 

Authors: Anne Jamieson; David Daylor

Format: paperback

Candidate's book: 112 pages

Leader's guide: 104 pages

ISBN: 9782896882076