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God Lives In Glass: Reflections of God Through The Eyes of Children

God Lives In Glass: Reflections of God Through The Eyes of Children

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"When I looked out my window at the changing seasons, I didn't really see anything at all. My eyes were focused on my work and all the tasks I had to do each day.... Then one to get to work, I caught a glimpse of the fiery red leaves of a Japanese maple tree in late autumn. For a moment I stopped in my tracks. It was a wake-up call. 'There is a world out there,' I thought, 'and a world beyond that world. And you,' I said to myself, 'are missing both. If this is what it means to be an adult, you need to find a way to see the world more like a child.'"
from the introduction

What does God do? How do we let God in? If you met God, what would you say?

Here are the "theological" answers of young spiritual thinkers from around the world, representing more than twenty different religious traditions. In sharing how they see God, they'll help you to see God in new ways.

In a poetic language of images all their own, these children re-awaken us to the mysteries and wonders of the universe, and lead us to our own understanding of the spiritual.


62 pages

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