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Good Food For Life: Planning, Preparing and Sharing

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Good food—and all of its blessings—will make you whole.
“Maggie gave me the idea that food is something to be enjoyed, 
a truly spiritual part of my life!” —Carol Showalter
Food can be one of the greatest blessings in life, and good food makes a life rich with what matters most. Take a journey with renowned nutritionist Maggie Davis, and discover how to change your relationship with food—and, in the process, transform your relationships with others.

Isn’t it interesting that God has always used the practical things of our lives to teach us who we are? From the bountiful Garden of Eden to the Banquet Table we call heaven, and all of the miracles of Jesus with food: Everything in our lives—including food and eating—should be more enjoyable, sacred. 

Maggie’s book is designed to help you find simple ways to prepare, eat, and share good food for your whole life, one day at a time. Good Food for Life is more than menus and recipes to plan your daily intake at a particular calorie level. It is an entirely fresh approach to your relationship with food, from selecting and preparing to eating, sharing and presentation.
With this innovative approach, you will look at food, your table, and yourself, differently!
209 pages
**limited number available**
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