Grace Abounds

Grace Abounds

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Sister Edith Prendergast, R.S.C., the longtime director of the LA Religious Education Congress (the nation’s largest annual gathering of Catholics), stirs readers’ enthusiasm and fires their imaginations in Grace Abounds: A Call to Awaken and Renew Your Faith, an inspiring set of reflections on faith and the call to serve one another in the Church and the world.

In this collection of rallying keynotes from the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, Sr. Edith Prendergast, R.S.C., director of the archdiocese’s office of religious education, issues a clarion call to both conversion and renewal, inviting readers to enter more deeply into the mind and heart of Christ and to live as his messengers in the Church and the world. In a world burdened by anxiety and fear, where human weakness and social sin tear at the fabric of every institution, Prendergast reminds her readers that each one has been given an amazing gift of faith and calls them to revitalize their commitment to others.

Catechists, priests, DREs, and teachers will gain inspiration and encouragement in Prendergast’s compelling spiritual vision and find in her an inspiring example of leadership with her skilled use of scripture, the saints and mystics, and contemporary writers and poets. She also draws from the little epiphanies of ordinary, everyday life—be they the words of a child or the insights of a homeless man. With a spirit of reverence and delight, each reflection harmonizes a host of voices that both inspire and energize her readers.

Format: Paperback

Pages: 128

ISBN: 9781594712593