Grateful Disciple  Daring to be Loved

Grateful Disciple Daring to be Loved

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Bestselling author David Wells shares enlightening stories of living discipleship that are sure to amuse and delight your heart and soul.

Building on his highly popular first book, The Reluctant Disciple, David Wells offers more insights into scripture, based on his own experience. In this volume, David draws on his experience as a teacher, speaker and family man. Among the characters he encounters are Derek the Atheist, a scantily clad work colleague on a Turkish beach, and Jack, a disruptive student at the school where he teaches. The results are often laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes moving – and always inspirational. 

Author: David Wells     

Pages: 144;  5.25" x 8.25"

Format: Paperback                        

ISBN: 9782896883097