Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Second Edition

Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Second Edition

You'll want all of your Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to read this new guide. Appropriate for training new extraordinary ministers or for updating experienced ones, this book may be used by individuals or groups. It conveys the latest teachings of the Catholic Church, gives sound advice for dealing with the practical everyday challenges of parish liturgies, and nurtures spiritual growth in the minister. This second edition provides updated pastoral commentary in light of the third edition of The Roman Missal. Veteran ministers or newly deputed ministers will be given the tools needed to effectively serve during the liturgy and appreciate more deeply their liturgical roles.

Inside you'll find a pastoral, inviting format and style, including:

  • A basic theological foundation of the ministry
  • Liturgical Catechesis about the minister's role during the Mass,
  • A brief history of the ministry
  • Encouragement for deepening the spirituality of the minister
  • Generous quotations from the documents of the Church
  • Detailed, practical instruction for carrying out the ministry
  • Suggestions for further formation
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Advice for responding to unusual or difficult circumstances
  • A resource list
  • A glossary
  • Questions for reflection or discussion
  • Prayers

Author:  Corinna Laughlin, Kenneth A. Riley, Paul Turner

Format: Paperback, saddle-stitched 15 x 23 xm

Pages: 80