Guide for Ministers of Liturgical Environment

Guide for Ministers of Liturgical Environment


This new guide in the Liturgical Ministry series, is effective for training those new to the ministry and for rejuvenating the work of veterans. It's content can be used by individuals or groups preparing liturgical spaces for worship.

Guide for Ministers of Liturgical Environment includes:

  • basic theological and historical overview of the liturgical environment
  • catechesis about the symbols and actions in the liturgy that the adornments of the environment will accent
  • inspiration and instruction for becoming a faith-filled and knowledgeable member of the environment team
  • practical descriptions of design principles and construction techniques
  • questions for reflection and discussion
  • answers frequently asked questions
  • an annotated resource list, glossary, and prayers
  • prayers for personal and communal reflection

Author: Paul Turner and Mary Patricia Storms

Format: Paperback, 15 x 23 cm

Pages: 112

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