History of the Church  Teacher's Manual

History of the Church Teacher's Manual

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This Revised First Edition of the Teacher's Manual is designed to help the instructor actively engage students in discussions, activities, and reviews that impart the important people, events, and periods of the Church's two-millennia history. It is a companion to the textbook The History of the Church: A Complete Course. It is a complete and thorough revision of the First Edition, presented in full color.

Resources in this Teacher's Manual include:

  • Student Textbook;
  • Detailed lesson plans for each chapter, complete with Anticipatory Sets, Focus Questions, Guided Exercises, Closure activities and Alternative Assessments;
  • End of Chapter Materials, including Long-Term Assignments, answers to the Study Questions in the student textbook, responses to the Practical Exercises and notes for presenting additional information from the Catechism of the Catholic Church;
  • Answers to the Student Workbook;
  • Chapter Tests, Quizzes, and Vocabulary Reviews with answer keys;
  • CD containing printable Tests, Quizzes and Vocabulary Reviews;
  • Collection of Catholic Prayers and Devotions

Before June 2011 an instructor needed to have purchased the Teacher's Manual and Teacher's Answer Guide separately. As of July 2011, this Revised First Edition of the Teacher's Manual includes all the materials in the bulleted list above, combining both the Teacher's Manual (Texbook and tests) and the Teacher's Answer Guide (Student Workbook and quizzes) into a single, comprehensive volume.

Author:    Peter V. Armenio
Format:   Hardcover
Pages:    1698
Size:       8.5 x 11

ISBN: 9781936045358