I Open to You: Chants

I Open to You: Chants

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These prayerful chants are a wonderful companion to individual or group prayer. The simple, evocative melodies are easily memorized and sung. The rich texts express the various movements of our hearts in prayer, encouraging us to open ourselves to God in silent and "come a little deeper, a little further."

Tracks include:

  • Singing Our Souls Back Home
  • Salutation
  • Shelter Me
  • Let God Come in
  • I Open to You
  • Beautiful Beloved
  • Lead Me in Your Love
  • Looking Down the Road
  • Darkness, Silence
  • At Home in My Heart
  • Come a Little Further
  • In God We Live
  • I Am on My Way

Format: CD

Length: 47 minutes (1 CD)

ISBN: 9781594710230