Imitation of Christ (Hardcover)

Imitation of Christ (Hardcover)

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Find the path to following Christ in one of the most treasured devotional books of all time. Originally published anonymously in the early 15th century, The Imitation of Christ is probably the most widely read and influential spiritual book after the Bible. Emerging from the 14th century religious movement Modern Devotion (Devotio Moderna) of which author Thomas á Kempis was a member, this spiritual classic is a meditation on the spiritual life. While first intended as an ascetic work for young monks in training, its keen sense of human nature addresses the spiritual journey of every Christian. For over 600 years, this timeless work has reached the hearts of both saints and sinners. Probing questions about the meaning of life and showing us how to live out the teachings of Jesus, The Imitation of Christ has inspired both religious devotion and conversion. Thomas á Kempis shows you how to lead a disciplined life characterized by simplicity, humility, and charity. Encouraging the renunciation of worldly vanities and vices, he invites you to answer your call to the Christian life. His practical and wisdom-filled insights guide you in your spiritual growth and aspiration to eternal life. Features: - Bound in a beautiful leatherette - Size allows for convenient portability - Contains the unabridged text of the four books of The Imitation of Christ - Presents translated content in accessible language - Separates each of the four books into chapters for easy navigation - Concludes chapters with prayers and reflections to apply the reading to your life - Includes an appendix organized by reader type and subject matter.

Author: Thomas A. Kempis

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 432

ISBN: 9780819837219