Into the Heart of God (Audiobook)

Into the Heart of God (Audiobook)

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This work is an exploration into the Gospel of John. By retracing the actual steps through the Holy Land of the events and accounts of this gospel, Vanier recreates a vivid and intimate portrait of what is often called the “mystical gospel.”

This series looks deep into the gospel, and in so doing brings viewers further into the heart of God, whose boundless love for humanity manifests itself in the life and times of Jesus. Vanier notes, “The Gospel of John is the gospel of relationship, and we will see it is a growing relationship with Jesus. And this is not only the gospel of relationship, but also of transformation…. We will discover through this gospel that human beings need to be gradually transformed to enter into a fullness of love.”

The package includes 14 handouts that clarify and explore each of the videos, and a leader’s guide for using the program in a prayer or study session. There is also an audiobook of the program available.

ISBN: 9781616367930