Lectio Peter   Cornerstone of Catholicism DVD

Lectio Peter Cornerstone of Catholicism DVD

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The Lectio series was created by the expert teachers at the Augustine Institute -- the fastest growing Graduate School of Theology in the country. The Augustine Institute seeks to equip Catholics and parishes to renew the Church and transform the world for Christ. Now every Catholic parish has the opportunity to participate in the incredible work of the Institute by offering the Lectio series.

Simon Peter. A poor fisherman. An impetuous follower. A bungling disciple. The Cornerstone of Catholicism

Join Dr. Tim Gray - gifted Scripture teacher, internationally acclaimed author, and President of the Augustine Institute - on a Biblical voyage unlike any other. In this first installment of Lectio: Unveiling Scripture and Tradition, Dr. Gray takes us on an intensive journey into the life of one of history's most compelling characters.

Peter: Cornerstone of Catholicism offers a fascinating, in-depth study series on the life and meaning of St. Peter. Bringing together Biblical stories, historical knowledge, solid Church teaching, and personal insights, Dr. Gray gives a fresh perspective on the fisherman who Jesus entrusted with His Church. In these 10 stirring lectures, we'll learn what happens when flawed humanity comes up against God made flesh. All in all, your group will discover the powerful and personal truth of God's Word and practical inspiration for your life.

Leader Kit : includes everything a leader would need to present Lectio: Peter to a group, whether in a parish or at home. This package includes:

  • All 10 episodes of Peter: Cornerstone of Catholicism on five DVDs,
  • Acomprehensive Leader's Guide (which includes complete Study Guide content).

Participant Kit: Includes Study Guide and 5 DVD Set

Leader Guide : is the key to facilitating an effective group study of Peter: Cornerstone of Catholicism. Created to help you lead others deeper into Scripture, this comprehensive resource for leaders presents practical help to make the most of adult faith formation with your study group.

With easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions, your group will experience together the richness of the Bible, Church Tradition, and History. This guide features:

  • Complete Study Guide content to follow along with your participants.
  • A leader overview for each session
  • Suggested answers for discussion questions and reflections
  • Guidelines on how to lead a small group study
  • Practical tips for including Lectio Divina in your daily prayer life
  • Insights for understanding Sacred Scripture and Tradition
  • Detailed introductions, prayers and ice-breakers for your group
  • Background texts to go deeper into the study

Study Guide: for Peter: Cornerstone of Catholicism is the key to getting the full Lectio experience. This powerful resource was created to lead you deeper into Scripture as you read, reflect, and respond.

Beautifully and thoughtfully crafted, this personal study guide that leads you deeper into the study of Peter and provides you with over 200 pages of...

  • 10 sessions that explore the life of Peter, from his first encounter with Jesus to his own crucifixion
  • An outline summary of each video presentation
  • Thought-provoking questions for reflection and discussion
  • Practical tips for including Lectio Divina in your daily prayer life
  • Insights and information for deeper understanding
  • 5 Guided reflections per session to make the study your own throughout the week
  • Space for personal journaling with each session


5-DVD Set : features 10 episodes with over seven hours of video presentation filmed at the studios of the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado.

Episode Listing:

1. Put Out Into the Deep: The Making of an Apostle (46 minutes)

2. Capernaum: Village of Coming Consolation (47 minutes)

3. Faith Not Fear: Walking in Trust (33 minutes)

4. Peter the Rock: The Primacy of Jesus (49 minutes)

5. Peter and the Keys: The Primacy of the Church (47 minutes)

6. In the Shadow of the Galilean: Peter's Rising Leadership (48 minutes) 

7. Discipleship at a Distance: Peter and the Passion of Christ (42 minutes) 

8. Peter and Pentecost: The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit (47 minutes) 

9. Peter Bar Jonah: How Peter Came to Rome (51 minutes) 

10. Quo Vadis: Peter's Way of the Cross (51 minutes) 

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