Let There Be Peace on Earth: And Let It Begin with Me [With CD (Audio)]

Let There Be Peace on Earth: And Let It Begin with Me [With CD (Audio)]

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Review Quotes:
"In 1955, (Sy) Miller and (Jill) Jackson created this popular ballad, which has since been recorded by numerous artists and performed around the world. Diaz, whose credits include a Caldecott for Smoky Night (1994), has created sumptuous and colorful computer-generated artwork in his bold signature style to accompany these inspirational lyrics." --Booklist magazine

"There has never been a better time to think about peace, or to teach our children how to create it. This book and song remind us that we each have a vital role to play in making the world a more peaceful place.--"President Jimmy Carter
Every person is born with a gift to contribute to Paradise Earth. Jill and Sy Miller gave us their gift of music to help achieve peace! In this wonderful book, their story is told and their music can be heard. Let There Be Peace on Earth will become a classic found in every library and home on earth." --Dr. Robert Muller, Former UN Asst. Secretary General

Hardcover- 32 pages

ISBN: 9781582462851