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Let Us Break Bread Together: A Passover Haggadah for Christians

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Jews have been celebrating the Passover through a special meal, called a seder, for millenia. Jesus himself celebrated the Passover feast with his disciples in what we refer to as The Last Supper.

In this special book, co-authored by a rabbi and a pastor, we have the unique opportunity to experience an authentic Jewish Passover seder, from a distinctively Christian perspective. There are many haggadot used in Jewish homes and synagogues, but this one offers meaningful insights on how Christians can both learn from Judaism as a means of deepening their Christian faith, and better understand the Jewishness of Jesus.

Always respectful of the differences between Judaism and Christianity, this Passover guide provides:

*a complete guide (plan and script) to a meaningful seder experience

*a deeper knowledge of the great themes of the Exodus story, in combination with Christian insights

*rich opportunities for a better understanding Lent and Holy Week

*a fuller knowledge of why Jesus placed such importance on the universal themes of slavery, freedom, and community around the seder table.

"Explores the rich liturgy of the Passover seder from both the Jewish and Christian traditions without compromising the distinctive beliefs of either faith tradition. Smith and Shapiro have given us a model of interfaith cooperation, based on their evident respect for one another, that contributes to greater mutual understanding. A splendid contribution to worship education!"

-Timothy George, dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University; executive editor of Christianity Today

"If Christian churches choose to observe Passover, this is the resource they should use. . . . a comprehensive but easy-to-use tool for broadening and deepening their understanding of Passover.

-Jan Turentine, Managing Editor, Acacia Resources, Baptist Center for Ethics
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