Letting Go  Spirituality of Subtraction (Audiobook)

Letting Go Spirituality of Subtraction (Audiobook)

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In our culture, the "good life" means getting more. This series of retreat talks challenges listeners to subtract—to release whatever hinders us from siding with the cosmic Christ, whether that be in our inner world (Talks 1-4) or our outer world (Talks 5-8). Father Rohr offers a daring vision which calls us to surrender, to liberation, to making room for real freedom.

Topics include:
1. Making Room for Freedom: Liberating the Affluent
2. At Home in the Wrong House: Living With God or Mammon
3. Yes! To God: Traveling Through Self to Acceptance
4. Silence and Willing Service: Delving Into Mystery
5. What is the Good Life? Breaking Out of the Consumer Trap
6. Beyond Our Cultural Biases: Siding With the Cosmic Christ
7. Leaving Security Behind: Finding a New Center
8. Surrendering: Giving Everything We Are

ISBN: 9781616360955