Liska Our Lady of the Way Icon

Liska Our Lady of the Way Icon

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This icon comes from the town of Lisco, modern Poland. During the "Wisla" operation, the icon was transported by migrants to the city of Stryi in the Lviv region. The icon was famous for numerous healings of the blind, mentally and physically ill. The icon belongs to the disciples. Hodegetria - that is, "that which indicates the road", the guide, is still translated as "salvation or health". This type of icon with the image of the Virgin, is considered one of the oldest, and is the most common type of the Theotokos icon

Size 6.7’’ х 9’’ (17cm х 23cm)

Size 9’’ х 13’’ (23cm х 33cm)

Size 13’’ х 18’’ (33cm х 46cm)

HANDMADE. The thickness of wood 2 cm (0.79’’)

Made In Ukraine.


About Christian Icons:

The icon is created on a traditional wooden base and set a chalk-based natural glue (levkas). Afterward, the iconographer, using natural paints, transcribes the blessed image which is an exact copy of the original. Upon completion of the transcription, a few finishing touches are incorporated giving the icon a truly ancient appearance. Thanks to this technique, natural cracks begin to appear on the icons, replicating original icon of the medieval period.

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