Little Angels Bible Storybook (Roma Downey's Little Angels) DVD

Little Angels Bible Storybook (Roma Downey's Little Angels) DVD

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Author: Roma Downey & Carolyn Larsen

Roma Downey played an angel on television for almost ten years, and now she brings a special message of God's love to your little ones with the "Little Angels Bible Storybook"! Join twins Alex and Zoe, along with their eight little angel friends, as they learn that God is always with them, watching over them, and loving them.The "Little Angels Bible Storybook" features 100 exciting Bible stories with sweet illustrations "I learned that . . ." lessons to help kids understand the character of God Simple activities to encourage imagination and challenge children's cognitive skills Meaningful prayers to inspire kids to build a relationship with God Easy Bible verses to memorize The "Little Angels Bible Storybook" helps give children a solid faith foundation while encouraging them to explore the world around them and grow in God's Word.

ISBN: 9781414370224