Man's Yes To God

Man's Yes To God

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Never more than today in this “lonely crowd” do we need to experience ourselves as personally addressed, as a “you” for God. Shining like a sunray through the mist is God’s special invitation to each one of us to fulfill our unique destiny by cooperating creatively, responsibly, and lovingly with God’s will in every moment.

What Chiara Lubich describes in these four conversations is how each person is a “you” for God, and how we may answer the special love he has for each of us with a big “yes” in our life. And if, through doing his will, we keep saying “yes” to God, we will see our lives unfold as a beautiful adventure, a wonderful poem of love.

Author: Chiara Lubich

Pages:  71

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780904287189