Marian Grace

Marian Grace

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An Album of Ancient Hymns and Chants

A gorgeous recording by Marian Grace, a very talented young Nashville-based musical group whose lofty goal is to uncover the Church's richest musical treasures and to transform culture through the marriage of beauty and truth. That marriage is fully realized in this glorious album with its unique, refreshing and powerful musical arrangements of beloved ancient Catholic hymns and chants that combines moving instrumentation with stunning vocals that is guaranteed to inspire young and old alike! In addition to Marian Grace, the various chants on the album are sung by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia and the FRATERNUS brothers of Nashville, TN.  Hymns include O Salutaris, Let All Mortal Flesh, Salve Regina, Tantum Ergo, Agnus Dei, Holy God We Praise Thy Name, Faith of Our Fathers  and 6 more gems.
Track Listing:
1. Let All Mortal Flesh
2. All Creatures
3. O Salutaris
4. Behold Thy Mystery
5. Sanctus
6. Heaven's Before Me
7. Mortem Tuam
8. Sweet Sacrament
9. Agnus Dei
10. I Heard the Voice
11. Tantum Ergo
12. Holy God 
13. Faith Of Our Fathers
14. Salve Regina 

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