Ministry of the Arts 2020 Wall Calendar

Welcome to 2020! This year we invite you to "Imagine." Science tells us that imagination is a unique gift entrusted to the human race. Most little children access this gift quite spontaneously. We marvel at the imaginary world of some children and we stand in awe at the creativity exhibited in children who frequent their imaginary world. Often we give the ability to imagine less time as we grow, and hence this gift goes undeveloped. Yet it is through imagination that the future is able to reach into us, evoking the gifts necessary to draw us forward and transform the world. If we can imagine it, it can happen!

We believe that the world we live in is desperately in need of imagination! Imagine... a new beginning (January), a dream for the world (February), kindness (March), a more beautiful world (April), a joyful world, (May), a song for the world (June), Inclusion (July), the soul of the world (August), a world free of hunger and fear (September), a world of good neighbors (November), a world of peace (December). We provide art and inspirational quotes for each day to stimulate your imagination.

We believe the world is depending on the activation of human imagination. With this in mind we added two companion pieces to our calendar. The more senses one uses, the more access imagination has to influence the world and each of us. Therefore, we provided a link to music composed by Sr. Kathy Sherman,C.S.J. to deepen the theme for each month and a coloring book for children (and adults)! Click on code BC-295 to see and purchase coloring book.

Wall Calendars are 11 x 11 in. and open to 11 x 22 in for hanging.

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