Moments of Truth: A Spirituality of Time, Grace, and Sacred Space

Moments of Truth: A Spirituality of Time, Grace, and Sacred Space

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Author: Joseph Nassal, C.P.P.S.

Our lives are filled with moments of truth. They may be, in the words of Thomas Merton, "times of urgent and providential decision" that change the course of our life forever. They may come in our experiences of suffering, rejection and loss—moments that remind us how tenuous and fragile our lives are. They may arrive suddenly in the shape of soul-shattering tragedy, trauma, illness or the approach of death. Or they may come in the company of family and friends, in the midst of joy, intimacy or fresh possibility. They may even happen at the kitchen table or on the back porch, in the corner of our room in front of our prayer shrine or on a long walk in the grove in the early morning hours.

In the pages of this book, Joe Nassal invites us into a geography of grace. In this safe place of the soul we recognize and embrace the events of our lives as moments of truth that reflect God’s graced presence among us. Whether these moments encourage us to explore our wounds or count our blessings, each is an opportunity to go deeper into the mystery of our relationship with God and with one another. Such graced moments reveal to us our true identity as God’s beloved and open us to inner resources of faith that shape our destiny and give birth to our dreams.

ISBN: 9780939516582