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Mother of the Messiah Plaque

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Mother of the Messiah cast in bronze.

Mary presents her divine Son to the world. He stands, arms outstretched in a cross of blessing. A halo encircles Mother and Child.

Rightly do we, who have been saved through you, pure Virgin, confess that you are the Mother of God, extolling you with the angelic choirs. For God, whom men cannot see, on whom the ranks of angels do not dare to look, has through you become visible to men as the Logos made flesh. Glorifying Him with the heavenly hosts we proclaim you blessed. And what shall we call you, who are full of grace?

Heaven, for you have made the Sun of Righteousness shine forth?

Paradise, for you have put forth the flower of immortality?

Virgin, for you have remained inviolate?

Pure mother, for you have held in your embrace the God of all?

Mother of God, you are the Theme > Mary / Madonna|Theme|Mary / Madonna vine, for you have born the fruit of life.

We entreat you, intercede in your glory with the apostles and all the saints, that God may have mercy on our souls.

  • Solid Bronze Wall Plaque
  • 10 inches
  • Made in Germany
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