Mystery of the Eucharist

Mystery of the Eucharist

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Voices from the Saints & Mystics. In this companion volume to The Beauty of the Eucharist, Father Dennis Billy examines the eucharistic teaching and contribution of twenty-six saints and mystics from the church’s past.

Some taught with conviction from pulpit or classroom. Others showed a pastor’s concern for hungering souls. Still others searched the mystical depths of the sacrament and the everlasting union with God it foreshadows. Lastly, voices from more recent times have urged us to see in the Eucharist a powerful force for social change and personal transformation, for compassion and peace. Together, these form a moving chorus of insight and spirituality which is helpful to all who are seeking a deeper grasp of the incredible riches of the mysterium fidei.

Author: Dennis J. Billy, CSsR

Format: Paperback

Pages: 337

ISBN: 9781565485303