New Evangelization Passing On the Catholic Faith Today

New Evangelization Passing On the Catholic Faith Today

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For the first time since the term "New Evangelization" was coined by Blessed John Paul II, 250 bishops from all over the world were called to Rome by Pope Benedict XVI to discuss it, define it, and determine what it really means to Catholics today. In an exclusive first-hand summary of the three-week Synod, a leader of the gathering, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, provides a succinct, specific and tactical roadmap for where Catholics and parishes and dioceses go from here, including:

  • What's the point? The three most important priorities of the New Evangelization
  • What am I up against? The three "isms" that get in the way of sharing and growing the Faith
  • What do I do? How to galvanize people around one simple truth of the Gospel message
  • Where it all began: The four theological foundations of the New Evangelization
  • Learning from the best: The four characteristics of great evangelizers


In addition to personal and group reflection questions at the end of every chapter, Cardinal Wuerl also shares his own personal faith sharing experiences with non-Catholics and Catholics alike and how the insight he gained shaped his own view of the New Evangelization. A must-read for all parish communities.

Author:          Cardinal Donald Wuerl
Format:         Paperback
Pages:           96

ISBN: 9781612786988