On the Holy Journey

On the Holy Journey

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The writings in this book reflect some of the advancements achieved in Christian spirituality today. Their true dimension and value can be better appreciated by understanding their origin. The texts are products of a collective spirituality. They focus on the rediscovery of all Christian values, especially communitarian ones. Every spirituality of the Church is built upon a specific aspect of the Gospel. The spirituality explained in this text, which is the spirituality of the Focolare, known officially as the Work of Mary, is built on the aspect of unity. Its foundation lies in going to God through one's neighbor.

It is collection of spiritual writings of Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare, which were transmitted every two weeks to the most committed of its members throughout the world. They have provided inspiration for thousands to better understand and live out the meaning of walking together “on the Holy Journey.”

Author: Chiara Lubich; Jerry Hearne (Translator)

Pages: 168

Format: Paperback

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