Our Journey into Joy

Our Journey into Joy

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Msgr. Stephen Rossetti—acclaimed expert on religious and clergy—has developed ten fundamental building blocks for priestly holiness, reminding his readers that the priest is a man who is full of God and full of joy.

The Ten Steps to Priestly Holiness


  1. Cease any serious sin
  2. Renew the Sacrament of Penance in ourselves and in those we serve
  3. Pray more
  4. Dive deeply into the Eucharist
  5. Nourish good friendships, especially with priests
  6. Love the Church; love your bishop
  7. Practice gratitude
  8. Embrace your crosses
  9. Relax and trust
  10. Abandon yourself to God

Format: Booklet

Pages: 32

ISBN: 9781594712197