Our Lady of the Rosary at Pompeii DVD

Our Lady of the Rosary at Pompeii DVD

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The beautiful, efficacious Rosary of Our Lady displays its power nowhere more stunningly than in the historic Battle of Lepanto. The Ottoman Turkswere decisively defeated in 1571, when Catholics took up the Rosary andprayed for their Christian naval forces. This film tells the story of the amazingnaval victory, and the story of the founding of the Shrine of Our Ladyof the Rosary at Pompeii by Blessed Bartolo Longo. A history of the HolyRosary rounds out the presentation. Catholic leaders featured include MostRev. Thomas Caputo, Archbishop of Pompeii, Cardinal Georges Cottier,OP, Fr. Corrado Missioni, S.M.M., and others.

60 minutes

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