Polly's Kite

Polly's Kite

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Little Kite is Polly’s beautifully decorated and colorful friend. When strong winds snap Little Kite’s string, he is forced to endure a long dangerous journey and the cross becomes his only support. Due to the strength of the cross, Little Kite is able to survive. Eventually, when he is reunited with Polly and her dad, he discovers healing and renewal. He is happy.

Brian Maunder has been telling young children the story of Polly’s Little Kite for years, providing a rich landscape of images and words for discussing the profound paradox of the cross as a source of strength, the importance of sustaining one another in community, and the cycle of losing and finding what defines the life of a Christian. Polly’s Little Kite should be in the hands of every parent and teacher who wants to explore and share the mysteries of love, pain, hope and friendship with children.

Author: Brian Maunder

Format: Paperback

Pages: 46

ISBN: 9781565485280