Ponder These Things: Praying with Icons of the Virgin

Ponder These Things: Praying with Icons of the Virgin

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Author: Rowan Williams

A close look at three classic icons of the Virgin and Child reveals profound truths about discovering God in our World.

What we call holy in the world—a person, a place, words, or a work of art—is so because the foreign is brought together with the familiar and the everyday. No one embodies this holiness more than Mary, who makes a home for the Creator of all things in her own body and in her own house.

Ideal for all Christians—Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant—Ponder These Things invites you to explore and reflect on the depths of meaning in three classic icons from the Eastern Christian tradition. Icons have been described as "theology in line and color." Tracing the movement within them, the Archbishop of Canterbury discovers the pattern of love that they reveal. This love invites and embraces us so that we find ourselves caught up in the drama of the love of God.

ISBN: 9781612612485