Praying the Psalms with the Holy Fathers

Praying the Psalms with the Holy Fathers

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Rediscover the Psalms in the good company of popes past and present.

There's no part of the Bible that speaks to the human heart more deeply than the Psalms. These reflections will inspire you to praise God with your whole heart.


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"This is a marvelous book to give anyone who has a real sense of the Church and of the significance of the teachings of the bishops of Rome. I highly recommend it."

--Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR, Author & TV host on EWTN

As you read and reflect on these psalms and words of the Holy Fathers you will learn to:


  • Offer prayers to God from the depths of your experience and emotion.

  • Express hope for the Messiah that came, and will come again.

  • Understand the silence you may feel in the presence of God

  • Shout or weep—in God's holy presence.
  • Peter Celano is an editor and writer at Paraclete Press. He has compiled three other books, including the seasonal favorites Christmas with the Holy Fathers and Lent and Easter with the Holy Fathers.

    ISBN: 9781557257772