Probity Jones and the Fear Not Angel

Probity Jones and the Fear Not Angel

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It was Christmas Eve. Probity's family was going to church for the Christmas pageant. Probity herself was to be the Fear Not Angel, the best part she ever had in her life. But Probity Jones was sick.

She could hear her family laughing outside as they walked away to church. She gazed through the window at the lonely moon, perfectly round, perfectly white. And she felt miserable.

Knock! Knock! Someone was knocking on their third-floor window. Probity caught her breath. Outside was a beautiful person dressed all in white, bright as the moon, and as tall as the night. She opened the window on the tips of her fingers: Come, Probity Jones. It's time to go.

So begins the breathtaking flight up to the pathways of the moon, acress a sea as deep as dreaming - and down, down to a Christmas pageant beyond imagining. And Probity is there, hovering above strangely familiar shepherds, joining the Fear Not Angel's great glad tidings. This is a story that will enchant the entire family and bring warmth, joy, and new meaning to every Christmas season.

Author: Walter Wangerin Jr.;   Illustrator: Tim Ladwig

Format: Hardcover


ISBN: 9781557254573